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Care Instructions For Temporary Crowns And Onlays



1. The temporary cement requires about one-half hour to set. Please do not chew on it during that period of time. Until the anesthetic wears off, avoid hot food and beverages as well as chewing. Hot beverages can cause a burn and chewing may accidentally traumatize tissues and/or biting too hard can leave an uncomfortable ulceration after the anesthetic wears off.


2. Certain foods will stick to the temporary restoration. Avoid sticky and hard foods such as chewing gum, candy and nuts. It is important that your temporary crown or bridge stay in place until the final restoration is seated. These foods may pull off the temporary or cause it to break.


3. Home care is important. Please brush the gum line around the plastic crown to keep it clean. This will help the gum tissue heal and stay healthy. You may wish to use a salt-water rinse for the next three days. If so, mix 1/4 teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water and gently rinse the solution between the teeth. Do not swallow this salt solution. Repeat this rinse one to two times daily.


4. Floss your temporary, but be sure to gently thread the floss out at the gum line when finished, rather than pulling the floss out towards the chewing surface. This will prevent you from inadvertently pulling off the temporary. In some instances you will not be able to floss your temporary, if this is the case you will be advised by your assistant. In such instances a Waterpik may be used in lieu of flossing. When using a Waterpik, please turn the setting down to a 3 or 4 setting, too high of a setting can knock off the temporary.


5. If the temporary comes off, this is NOT AN EMERGENCY. You should simply attempt to slip it back into place. Please notify our office that your temporary has come off, so that we can find a time to recement it, or remake it if necessary. If this occurs on a weekend or evening you can go to a pharmacy and get some Fixodent or temporary cement. Replace the temporary on your tooth with some Fixodent or temporary cement holding it in place. This denture adhesive will retain the temporary restoration until you can see us.

6. If the temporary does come off, it is not abnormal for the tooth to be sensitive. This is because the underlying tooth structure is now exposed to the outside environment. Be careful chewing and avoid temperature-sensitive foods and the tooth will be fine until the temporary can be re-made/replaced. The tooth will not acquire new decay in a matter of days if left exposed.


7. The prepared tooth may be sensitive to temperature. You may wish to use sensitivity toothpaste. If the sensitivity persists for several days or if the tooth becomes painful to bite on, or if you have a profound toothache, please notify us.


8. The color, shape and size of your temporary do not resemble the final restoration in any way. The temporary has been placed to protect the underlying tooth/teeth and preserve their position and health for the placement of the final restoration.


9. Your final restoration will be placed at your next appointment. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us.


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