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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, or bleaching products, brighten teeth that have been stained or darkened by food, tobacco use, age or injury. There are a variety of in-office and take-home teeth whitening products to reduce or eliminate unwanted stains. Teeth whitening techniques will help you achieve a brighter and whiter smile!

In-Office Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening golden coIn-office teeth whitening, also called chairside bleaching, takes place at the dentist’s office. For in-office teeth whitening, multiple office visits are typically required. In-office teeth whitening is recommended because the treatment is completed by a professional. Compared to take-home teeth whitening, in-office teeth whitening is fast, simple, and safe, with no sensitivity. This whitening treatment can make a patient’s teeth up to five to seven shades brighter. Different methods of bleaching and whitening will be performed by the Dentist to achieve the shade preferred by the patient.


Take-Home Teeth Whitening Products

Take-home bleaching solutions can help improve the color and overall brightness of teeth. These kits can be just as effective as in-office treatments, but come at a more affordable price. Dentists provide patients with customized impression trays, whitening powder and whitening gel. Patients who use these whitening trays can improve the appearance of their teeth in just a few days.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

Various over-the-counter products, such as whitening toothpastes and bleaching strips, are advertised as being effective teeth-whiteners. These products are based on the same science as professional bleaching, however, the concentration of effective ingredients are much lower. Because of this, the treatments take much longer to whiten your teeth and often do not provide the level of whitening desired.

Philips ZOOM® Whitening

teeth whitening golden coPhilips ZOOM® whitening is a complete tooth whitening system. Philips ZOOM whitening offers safe, effective and fast brightening results, with the added benefit of even greater whitening power and less tooth sensitivity. Philips ZOOM whitening is fast and powerful, brightening teeth by up to eight shades in just 45 minutes with no trays or strips.

Philips ZOOM whitening is an in-office treatment completed in a single visit. During the appointment the dentist will apply a gentle, hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel to the teeth. The gel is then exposed to a special high-intensity light. After the treatment, teeth will be up to eight or ten shades whiter. Philips ZOOM whitening also offers companion at-home whitening maintenance products, to maintain the luster and brightness between dentist treatments.

Dentist supervised whitening is one of the safest and most conservative cosmetic dental treatments available. The most common side effect is an increased tooth sensitivity to cold for one to three days after treatment.

KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System

The KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System is a teeth-whitening treatment that, according to its manufacturer’s website, permanently whitens teeth. It features a bleaching gel that restores the ability of the teeth to absorb oxygen, which helps the gel to dissolve stain molecules. Developed by Dr. Rod Kurthy, the system can be used by nearly anyone who wants to whiten the color of her or his teeth. Patients ranging from 14 to 90 years old have achieved good results.

The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching System involves making molds of a patient’s teeth, which are then used to create bleaching trays. Trays are custom-made for each patient, making them comfortable and fit snugly enough to seal the inside gel. The gel is composed of materials designed to eliminate any risk of sensitivity, so most patients do not experience any pain or discomfort during this treatment.

After treatment, patients may experience whitening of 16 or more shades. The results of KöR Whitening should be permanent as long as patients keep up with the recommended at-home maintenance. Drinking coffee, tea and red wine, or using tobacco, should not alter the color of the teeth. KöR treatment is considered safe for all patients, and poses no major risks. Crowns, veneers or fillings may need to be replaced because bleach does not whiten prosthetic materials.

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