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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Denver and Golden, CO

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What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

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Full mouth rehabilitation, also referred to as full mouth reconstruction or restoration, involves reconstruction of all teeth in both the upper and lower jaws. This procedure combines both aesthetic appearances with the health benefits of restorative dentistry, allowing improved health and function with visibly beautiful results. Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures can all be used to complete this treatment. Missing or damaged teeth should be treated right away to preserve your overall oral health. After full mouth rehabilitation, the full function will be restored to your mouth allowing you to eat and speak with ease.


Ideal candidates for Dental Restoration

Our doctors may recommend full mouth restoration when someone has missing or severely damaged teeth, causing both aesthetic and functional issues. Common causes for include:

  • Decay
  • Injury or fracture
  • Acid erosion
  • Tooth grinding
  • Malocclusion

Missing teeth should be addressed right away, as this can cause difficulty eating and speaking. If missing teeth are not replaced, this may lead to more serious dental problems in the future. It is important to seek restorative treatment for any missing or damaged teeth, and full mouth rehabilitation may be needed when most or all of the teeth are damaged or lost.

Benefits Of full-mouth rehabilitation

While full-mouth rehabilitation is an involved process, it gives our entire team at Golden Dental Solutions a great deal of pride and satisfaction to see how much this combination of procedures and treatments can change a patient’s life.

Patients needing these treatments typically have what could be deemed a shattered smile. It’s also likely their decreasing oral health is in danger of spreading infection throughout the body. It’s likely the patient has lost confidence due to his or her damaged and missing teeth. They probably have some degree of continual pain due to decay or gum disease. They have to avoid many foods due to their damaged teeth.

What’s the value of a beautiful new smile for a patient with these problems? It’s immense. Suddenly the person feels comfortable and confident smiling and talking without worrying how others are judging their battered smile. A whole range of foods can return to the person’s diet. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts have likely been avoided because they are difficult to chew. Now they can return to the diet and improve the person’s health.

These are life-changing procedures with our doctors.

full-mouth rehabilitation before and after
full-mouth rehabilitation before and after

How is full-mount rehabilitation performed?

Full-mouth rehabilitation is an involved commitment, but the end result is truly beautiful. The entire process will involve different procedures and can take up to a full year. Most patients in need of full-mouth rehabilitation have lost most of their teeth. What teeth they may still have typically have serious damage.

When we meet with you during your consultation, we conduct a thorough examination to see what our starting point is. The goal is to first save any remaining teeth, and to extract any that are beyond that point. Teeth may need root canals to remove the infected pulp, blood vessels, and nerves from within the tooth. Crowns can be used to save remaining teeth and return strength. Dental implants can replace a few missing teeth, or they can be used to anchor full-arch prosthetics. These are also known as implant-supported dentures. We will likely have to address some degree of gum disease.

There isn’t a set procedure with full-mouth rehabilitation; each patient has a different situation and can have different goals. We tailor these restorations to the individual patient, and this obviously includes what procedures are necessary.

What can I expect during my consultation for full-mouth rehabilitation?

At Golden Dental Solutions, we treat every consultation as a complete give and take exchange of information with the patient. We want patients to ask any and all questions they have about a procedure or treatment. For full-mouth rehabilitation, consultations are quite involved. We’ll first have you describe the problems with your teeth and smile, what symptoms you are having with pain and other issues. We’ll have you describe the changes you’d like to see, and the end result you envision when the entire process is complete.

Then our doctors will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw. We need to find the baseline or starting point to begin the process. Once we finish checking out your current oral health, we will begin the process of creating a plan for your full-mouth restoration. We’ll detail procedures we feel are necessary and lay out the entire path to a great new smile.

Throughout the consultation, we want you to ask questions that come up about the areas we are describing. In the end, you should have a really clear idea of what will be involved with your full-mouth restoration. At that point, you’ll probably want to go home and consider your options. If you opt to move forward, we’ll plan our first appointment and what we’ll want to accomplish.

This is a long road, and the consultation is only the first planning meeting to lay out the map.

Full Mouth Restoration Options

The Full Mouth Reconstruction procedure is needed when a patient is missing most of all of their teeth and requires multiple dental treatments to bring beauty and function back to their smile. This procedure involves multiple different treatment options, from veneers or crowns to implants or dentures. Depending on your needs, they may replace individual teeth, a few teeth or all of the teeth at one time. our doctors will review your options and choose the best treatment plan that helps you achieve your desired results as well as restore your oral health. Some of your restorative options include:

full mouth rehabilitation before Before Full mouth rehabilitation

full mouth rehabilitation after After Full mouth rehabilitation

Dental Crowns

Crowns can be used to restore the strength of a tooth, the appearance of a tooth, or anchor a bridge for multiple teeth. At our practice in Golden, CO, our doctors use crowns made from porcelain to provide a natural looking and feeling replacement. Crowns are made to precisely fit your tooth and match the color of your adjacent teeth. You may choose to whiten your teeth prior to placing your crowns. Crowns are strong and sturdy, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing replacement able to withstand the same pressures as a regular tooth. Patients will be able to enjoy the convenience of eating, speaking and smiling without any problems. Porcelain crowns can last up to two decades as long as they are properly cared for.

Before and After Dental Crowns
Before and After Dental Crowns


Dental bridges do just as their name implies, they bridge the gap between teeth due to a missing tooth/teeth. These bridges rely on the strength of surrounding teeth to help stabilize the bite. If the missing tooth is not replaced, the surrounding teeth could shift into the open space. Bridges can be permanent or removable depending on your specific needed.


Veneers are porcelain shells that fit over the natural teeth to provide a renewed smile that is white and bright. Veneers can cover up crooked, chipped or discolored teeth. Porcelain veneers are bonded to the front of the tooth after the tooth has been buffed and prepared. Veneers are different than crowns as they only cover the front of the tooth and crowns cover the entire tooth. Veneers can last for 10 to 15 years if proper maintenance and oral heath care are performed. Veneers are a cosmetic enhancement and cannot replace missing teeth, so you may choose to combine veneers with additional procedures to complete your full mouth restoration.

dental veneers before Before Veneers

dental veneers after After Veneers


If you have lost many or all of your teeth, Dentures may be an appropriate option to replace these missing teeth. Dentures can be removable or fixed depending on your preference, and they may be partial or full depending on how many teeth are lost. Dentures can be treated just like natural teeth, however, special care and adjustment is required if the dentures are removable.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are another option to replace missing teeth. Single or multiple teeth can be replaced at one time, as we offer both regular implants and full-arch implants at our office. Dental Implants are small titanium screws that are drilled into the jaw bone which are then covered by a crown, bridge or dentures. The implant is first placed into the jaw and then allowed to fuse with the bone before the chosen prosthetic is placed on top. Dental Implants provide support that is long-lasting. These implants most commonly replicate the individual strength and stability of natural teeth.

What to expect From Restorative Dentistry

Full mouth restoration is a complicated procedure that involves multiple office visits and can take up to a year or longer to complete, depending on each patient’s individual case. Our doctors will develop a customized treatment plan for each individual patient to help regain a healthy smile.

full mouth reconstruction golden co beforeBefore Full Mouth Rehabilitation

full mouth reconstruction golden co afterAfter Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Is full-mouth rehabilitation painful?

At our office, we strive to make every procedure as comfortable as possible. Modern anesthesia and techniques make most procedures very comfortable. There may be some pain during recovery, but we help you manage that.

Risks of full-mouth rehabilitation

There isn’t much risk with these procedures. As with any dental procedure where extractions and gum tissue treatment are involved, there is a risk of infection, but our expertise keeps this risk to a minimum.

The real risk is not having these procedures. If your oral health is such that you are even considering a full-mouth reconstruction, you’re headed down the path to complete tooth loss, gum disease, and deteriorating jawbone mass. That’s not a way to go through life when you can have a great new smile with our restorations.

How long does a full-mouth rehabilitation take?

The time it takes our team at Golden Dental Solutions to fully remake your oral health varies by the patient. These are completely customized combinations of treatments. For instance, placing dental implants takes up to six months, as the jawbone needs to fully grow around the implant base before the post and artificial tooth can be attached. Treating gum disease can take a couple months to fully remove diseased tissue and reverse the infection. Other procedures, such as placing porcelain veneers, take just a couple appointments. Bonding and teeth whitening only take an hour or two.

Once our doctors gets a better idea of your situation and your needs to restore your oral health we can give you an idea of your timeframe.

Patient Testimonial

Nothing but positive things to say! Excellent dental work by friendly and professional staff. While going to the dentist may not be your first choice of ways to spend your time, Golden Dental Solutions makes the experience as pleasant as is humanly possible.” – J.T.

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