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Holistic dentistry is based on the principle that the teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw are inextricably connected with the rest of the body, and that a person’s dental health impacts their overall health. Holistic dentistry is about treating the whole patient rather than one or two symptoms manifesting in the mouth. Please note, our practice does not use hazmat suits as part of our holistic dental approach.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

The philosophy of holistic dentistry is to promote overall health and wellness rather than treating specific dental diseases or conditions. Holistic dentists work to balance the entire body and perform many of the same procedures as typical dentists. Many holistic dentists focus on straightening crooked teeth, aligning the bite and ensuring that the jaw and facial bones are in the optimal position.

How Does Holistic Dentistry Work?

Holistic dentistry focuses on using non-toxic ingredients, eliminating infections, and promoting optimal relationships between the teeth, jaw, head, and neck. Holistic dentists will use the least invasive, least traumatic, and least toxic means of both diagnosis and treatment.

Holistic Dentistry Benefits

The holistic approach in these areas is believed to:Holistic Dentistry Denver | Golden CO

  • Improve jaw function
  • Reduce ear pain
  • Improve breathing
  • Correct sinus problems
  • Improve sleep health

Holistic dentistry also focuses on a variety of other conditions that may affect the entire skeletal system.

Candidates For Holistic Dentistry

Patients who are looking for a holistic approach to dental treatment to balance their bite with their body should contact our office today! Meet with Drs. Gill and Kenson to see if holistic dentistry is the right approach for you.

What are the reasons I should use a holistic dentist?

At Golden Dental Solutions, we look beyond simply placing a filling here or an implant there. We look at how your dental health affects your overall health. It’s akin to a doctor focusing on preventive care just as much as treating your sore throat. All three of the dentists at Golden Dental Solutions, Dr. Gill (DDS), Dr. Kenson (DDS), and Dr. Qi (DMD), are trained general dentists, but we’re also holistic dentists.

Here are a few reasons we feel holistic dentistry and general dentistry merge at Golden Dental Solutions.

We only use biocompatible, non-toxic materials

We don’t place silver amalgam fillings. We’re not trying to scare anyone, saying you need to remove all of your old amalgam fillings today. We just don’t believe our patients should have dangerous metals in their mouths when there are better alternatives. For fillings, we only place composite resin fillings. They are basically invisible when they’re in a tooth, unlike silver amalgam, and their durability is approaching that of amalgam. Plus, they won’t crack a tooth or leach over time.

We also don’t use metals in our crowns. We use dental-grade porcelain for these prosthetics. Not only do we believe in the materials, but porcelain crowns are also beautiful, durable, and they look just like natural tooth enamel.

We provide the latest technology to minimize invasiveness

Holistic can mistakenly be confused with not believing in or utilizing technology. At Golden Dental Solutions we believe in the latest dental technology because it can make treatments easier on our patients. Our digital x-rays deliver virtually no radiation to the patient, plus they provide better images that are scalable and can be sent to other dentists if we need a second opinion.

Our use of diode lasers limits the need for anesthesia in many instances. Lasers limit the chances of infection because they instantly sterilize the treatment areas. They minimize bleeding. And they make for easier recovery for our patients.

We look at the person, not just the procedure

Holistic dentistry is really a mindset. It simply takes into account the whole person, rather than the single procedure. That’s why we emphasize preventive care. That doesn’t make us a penny, but it helps our patients have better oral health, and maybe overall health. Our extensive training and experience give us the wherewithal to perform any dental procedure you may need, but we want to be sure there’s not another cause behind it first.

How does holistic dentistry affect the body?

Holistic Dentistry Denver | Golden COOur line of holistic thinking is that your oral health is intimately tied to your overall health. Is your nighttime bruxism caused by stress at work or is your jaw out of alignment and you’re actually suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder?

Our team understands TMD and sleep apnea. These aren’t purely dental areas, but both of these conditions overlap with oral health and dental care. Getting your jaw into proper alignment may not seem obvious. It may not show up on an x-ray, but it shows up in tenderness around the jaw joints. We may use electromyography to find the electricity generated by the jaw muscles to measure both muscle and nerve function. Getting your jaw into proper alignment can change everything. Suddenly your jaw and face don’t hurt all the time. There’s no clicking when you chew. And now your airway is open, and your sleep apnea is gone.

This kind of thinking affects your entire body, not just a single tooth or dental prosthetic.

What are the benefits of mercury-free fillings?

One aspect of our holistic approach is to not use silver amalgam in our fillings, choosing composite resin instead. Cosmetically, these fillings are far superior to amalgam; they are basically invisible in your tooth. Composite resin is a combination of powdered glass and acrylic resin, and technology is making it more and more durable. Unlike amalgam, composite resin bonds to the tooth, rather than simply being packed down into it.

Tooth-colored fillings have various advantages over amalgam:

    • Holistic Dentistry Denver | Golden COComposite and porcelain fillings match the color or your tooth enamel, so they blend perfectly and cannot be seen.
    • Composite is metal- and mercury-free.
    • The filling is bonded to the tooth, which actually pulls inward on the tooth’s periphery, making the tooth stronger.
    • Tooth-colored fillings require less healthy tooth tissue to be removed.

Can I replace a silver amalgam filling?

More and more people are opting to have their silver amalgam fillings removed and replaced with composite resin. We provide this service as part of our holistic dentistry offerings. The process is not difficult and it can actually strengthen your tooth. As silver amalgam expands and contracts, it can crack a tooth. This is especially true as the filling and the tooth age. Your new tooth-colored filling will be virtually invisible.

What are the problems with silver amalgam in fillings?

Dental amalgam is a mixture of metals consisting of liquid mercury and a powdered alloy comprised of silver, tin, and copper. That’s doesn’t sound like something you’d like to have in your teeth, but there’s one reason for the popularity of amalgam — strength. Amalgam fillings are very durable and can last for decades.

But amalgam fillings have problems:

    • Holistic Dentistry Denver | Golden COThey are unsightly. When you open your mouth everyone can see exactly how many amalgam fillings you have.
    • They require more of the healthy tooth to be removed. Silver amalgam isn’t bonded onto the tooth; it is packed in. To adequately anchor the filling more of the healthy tooth (in addition to the decayed portion) needs to be removed and a ridged surface is created to hold the amalgam.
    • No one wants mercury in his or her mouth. While they’ve been deemed safe, people are less and less interested in having a combination of metals, particularly mercury, in their mouths.
    • Amalgam fillings can crack teeth. Because the metals expand and contract with hot and cold, amalgam fillings can cause the tooth to crack.

Silver amalgam has also been in use since the 1800s; you’d think we would have a better option by now, and we do: composite resin.

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