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Stress Management may be your Secret Weapon this Holiday Season

general dentistry denverMost people would not readily describe the holiday season as stressful. That is because we tend to associate stress with unpleasant experiences, and the holidays are usually anything but. However, what we typically do not see is the way that good experiences can also be stressful in some form or fashion. When it comes to the weeks in between Thanksgiving and New Years, stress may present itself in the form of numerous activities. We rush from the office to the mall, catching dinner on the way. Once we have found the perfect gifts, we rush home to wrap them, to decorate, to bake, or perform some other holiday-related task (a late-night showing of Elf, maybe?).

How is this Stressful?

Because we usually enjoy all of the holiday festivities presented to us, we may not realize how the excitement of the season is affecting the subconscious mind. This is easy to overlook, because the mind works out stress while we sleep. Even good stress may result in a nightly grind – a literal gnashing of teeth set off by the holiday hoopla. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is one of the top factors in TMJ disorder. The intense force of clenching and grinding may also lead to worn enamel or, worse, a cracked tooth.

Manage Stress for a Healthier Smile

We need to keep our stress in check if we want to preserve our health and our teeth. Stress management isn’t just a catch-phrase used by new-age experts; it is a necessary tool that we can all benefit from. The thing about stress management is that many of us don’t really understand what it looks like in our daily life. We aren’t all born with the flexibility and strength, nor the tolerance, to handle a hot yoga class or hours of meditation. So what can you do to mitigate holiday stressors?

Consider you in the process!

Do you like to read? Buy that book you’ve been hearing about.
Is music your thing? Turn on your favorite tunes while you cook or bake or wrap gifts.

Do you need alone time? It’s ok to say no to one of those holiday gatherings – or to all of them!
We wish you a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season!

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