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Are dental x-rays safe?

Dentist patient looking at a dental x-ray imageAt Golden Dental Solutions, patients in and around the Golden, CO community who have questions about their oral health may also have concerns about the use of dental x-rays. It is not new information that x-rays emit radiation in order to create the images professionals need to view structures inside of the body. Our team encourages patients to ask questions about this and other safety concerns they may have during their dental visit.

Dental x-ray safety

Many patients have questions about the radiation that is emitted when taking dental x-rays. The amount of radiation that is received from an individual during dental x-rays is about .005 millisieverts. During a year, the average human will absorb about 3 millisieverts, which means the amount of radiation exposure in a dental x-rays is relatively small when compared to what is naturally around with electrical signals and telecommunication waves already in our environments. Because of this, dental x-rays are considered a low risk to one’s safety.

Avoidance of excessive exposure

It is important to have dental x-rays to monitor the health of a patient over time, though we make sure not to take any unnecessary images at Golden Dental Solutions. Additionally, we take extra steps to protect patients by providing coverings called leaded aprons that block exposure to other parts of the body.

Is the x-ray necessary?

We only complete x-rays when needed, though we do find that getting a proper diagnosis with a dental x-ray far outweighs the risk of radiation exposure in most cases. We typically only take x-rays at initial appointments, every five years, and as needed when problems arise to provide a thorough and definitive diagnosis of a problem. X-rays are also taken prior to placing dental implants to ensure patients have enough bone to support the restoration and to use as a guide for planning the insertion of the implant itself.

Do you have questions about dental x-rays?

Speak to Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi of Golden Dental Solutions to learn more. The office is located at 1218 Arapahoe Street in Golden, CO and can be reached to book an appointment at (303) 277-9600.


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