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Healthy Smile Tips for Halloween

dental hygience; healthy smileHalloween means scary movies, fall drinks, and, of course, sweet treats. How can one avoid the bright-colored candy bowls in the office’s lunchroom or the assorted pumpkin spice and candy apple-flavored foods that are available in every store?

This season only comes once a year, so you should enjoy it. These healthy smile tips from Golden Dental Solutions ensure you can indulge in your favorite sweets without endangering your teeth.

#1: Brush Your Teeth After Eating Candy

Brushing your teeth after eating high-sugar foods can help to keep them healthy and clean. This also prevents the sugar from sitting on your teeth and causing decay.

#2: Eat a Balanced Meal Before Indulging

Eating a balanced meal before dessert will allow you to enjoy your snack more responsibly. When you’re hungry, you may be tempted to eat more cookies and treats because they’re tasty and easy to access. But if you eat a healthy meal beforehand, you will feel satisfied and less likely to overindulge.

Plus, eating causes your body to produce more saliva, which helps to dilute the sugar that may stick to your teeth.

#3: Enjoy in Moderation

More sweets means more sugar, which can eat away at your enamel and damage your teeth. A good rule of thumb for foods high in sugar is to enjoy them in moderation. This means that you don’t have to restrict yourself, and you can still eat the foods you love without causing excessive damage to your teeth.

#4: Avoid Sticky, Sour, or Chewy Candy

Candy that is sour, sticky, or chewy tends to have a higher concentration of sugar that can cling to the teeth. Even with brushing and flossing, it can be difficult to rid your teeth of this type of candy fully. It’s best to avoid them if possible.

Schedule Your Regular Healthy Mouth Cleaning

As a bonus tip, be sure to schedule your healthy mouth cleanings once every six months. During these visits, the dentists at Golden Dental Solutions can ensure your teeth are being taken care of properly and check for any cavities. Schedule your dental cleaning in Golden, CO, by contacting (303) 277-9600.

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