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Test your Knowledge with These Dental Questions!

Dental Services Golden COPart of caring for your smile is as simple as scheduling routine care with your Golden, CO dentist. Our team is happy to help you manage oral health with comprehensive exams, cleanings, and restorative care when needed. For dentistry to be successful, you need the other part of caring for your smile: knowledge. How do you know what you need if you aren’t sure what the signs are telling you, or what treatments may be available? Here, we will let you test that knowledge!

Which of the following can damage your teeth?

A. Soda

B. Lemonade

C. Carbonated water

D. Sports drinks

E. All of the above

Answer: E. Most people look at soda as “bad” for their teeth because soda has sugar. But even diet soda, as well as all the other beverages on this list, could also be damaging. Here’s why: acid. The acidic ingredients in these beverages erode enamel, and that can be just as bad, if not worse, than the average cavity. Erosion affects the whole tooth. And when enamel is washed away by too much acid, you cannot get it back. Teeth could become yellow and weak over time.

What is possible with porcelain veneers?

A. Fix a cavity on the front surface of a tooth

B. Protect teeth from excessive wear

C. Cover a gap between two teeth

D. Correct a crooked tooth

E. All of the above

Answer: C. Porcelain veneers are used for cosmetic purposes only. It may seem as though the extra thickness on the front surface could fortify existing structure, but that is not the case. To seat a veneer, it is necessary to remove the same amount of enamel as will be replaced with the thin sheath of porcelain.

True or False

Silver fillings are stronger than tooth-colored fillings.

Answer: False. For far too many years, patients have continued to choose silver (amalgam) fillings for cavity-repair, thinking they were doing themselves a favor. Ultimately, the metal contained in amalgams can lead to tooth fractures that present bigger problems than the original cavity.

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