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How to care for dental restorations

iStock-1155613377Dental restorations are common in restorative dentistry, and Dr. Nancy Gill of Golden Dental Solutions is pleased to provide a wide range of repairs for new and current patients. This includes restorations made of porcelain, such as dental crowns, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, and inlays and onlays. If you are considering any of these restorations, it is important that you take great care of your teeth to extend their longevity and get the best value.

Below are some recommendations for caring for dental restorations:

  • For a few hours following the bonding of a dental restoration, patients should avoid chewing food or hot beverages which can cause the restoration to come loose before it has cemented properly.
  • Avoid foods and candies that are sticky when temporary restorations are put in place. This includes items such as chewing gum or taffy.
  • Take good care to brush and floss properly around the restoration to keep it and the surrounding teeth and tissues clean. Use salt-water rinses for a few days after having dental work done to help the area heal faster and to avoid infection or cavities.
  • Flossing is still important when you have dental restorations in place. Food particles can become stuck underneath or around certain restorations and can cause some restorations to loosen. Your dentist can educate you on how to properly floss around your restoration, or may recommend certain products such as a Waterpik that can be used instead.
  • Temporaries may come loose, but this doesn’t mean that patients need to visit for an emergency dental visit. Long-term restorations that come loose should be addressed with a dentist as soon as possible to avoid the underlying tooth structure becoming infected or diseased.

Learn more about caring for your dental restorations with the team at Golden Dental Solutions

Dr. Nancy Gill and her team work closely with patients to help them in achieving beautiful smiles and maintaining dental work for as long as possible. If you are interested in having dental restorations completed, it is important that you speak to a professional about longevity and care. Call our practice at (303) 277-9600 today to schedule a consultation visit with our team at 1218 Arapahoe Street in Golden, Colorado and discuss dental restoration care and maintenance.

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