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Defeat Gum Disease and Regain Confidence with Perio Protect

Close,Up,Portrait,Of,A,Happy,Black,Man,In,HisFor people with gum disease, resolving the issue can be a challenge. We understand and sympathize which is why at Golden Dental Solutions in Golden, CO, we use Perio Tray® by Perio Protect — a non-surgical solution that can get rid of gum disease and support treatments like scaling and root planing.

What is Perio Tray® by Perio Protect?

The Perio Tray® by Perio Protect looks very similar to a mouthguard. Hydrogen peroxide — a substance your body produces naturally to fight off infections — is the primary ingredient in the Perio gel. This gel is placed within a custom-made mouthguard, held in place by a seal, and is worn for approximately 15 minutes each day.

At first, patients may need three applications daily, depending upon the severity of their gum disease. However, there is no pain involved. While some additional dental treatments may be needed, Perio Tray® can be used by a vast majority of patients.

Perio Protect is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, meaning it effectively kills the many types of bacteria that cause gum disease. It has been clinically proven to improve oral health, reduce or eliminate gum disease, and reduce bleeding by 75%.

The greatest advantage of Perio Protect is that the hydrogen preoxide creates oxygen bubbles in the gum pockets, which allow room for the healthy bacteria to flourish and support your oral health.

What Is the Perio Tray® Process?

Given that gum disease is largely a bacterial infection caused by a buildup of tartar and plaque on your teeth and below your gum line, tooth debridement is often the first step. This is simply a deeper dental cleaning of your gums and teeth. The goal is to remove large buildups of plaque and tartar deposits.

Once the debridement is finished, we’ll measure your teeth, create a mold, and have your custom-made Perio Tray® mouthguards made. Afterward, we’ll discuss the treatment with you, outlining how often you need to wear the tray.

How Perio Tray® Can Help Rebuild Your Confidence

Patients often see an improvement in their gums and notice that the process helps to improve the color of their teeth. This is because some teeth-whitening solutions also rely upon hydrogen peroxide, albeit at higher percentages.

Since Perio Tray® is specifically customized to fit your teeth, the Perio gel will penetrate your gums and teeth, effectively repairing your gums while helping to remove stains. While not as thorough and complete as the in-office teeth whitening sessions at Golden Dental Solutions, some patients do notice a significant difference.

Most importantly, it can help restore the healthy appearance of your gums as long as you maintain a good oral hygiene routine. Following up with your dentist about any additional treatments you may need to stay on top of gum disease is also key in a sustainable recovery.

Book Your Perio Tray® Session with Golden Dental Solutions Today

At Golden Dental Solutions in Golden, CO, we understand how worrisome it can be to have gum disease. We know it can impact your mental health. That’s why we’ll take you through every single step and help you rebuild your confidence.

If you think you’re a good candidate for Perio Tray® and would like to know more, call us at 303-277-9600. You can also message us online! Our team is always here to support you.

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