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Gum Disease Awareness Month: The Most Common Signs to Know

gum diseaseDo you brush and floss regularly but still notice things like persistently bad breath or sensitive, bleeding gums? Unfortunately, diligent daily oral hygiene isn’t always sufficient to ward off gum disease entirely. However, recognizing the key signs and symptoms can help you seek treatment promptly if you develop a problem.

Red, Swollen, Tender Gums

The most well-known sign of gum issues is gingivitis. This means reddened, tender, swollen gums that may bleed during brushing or flossing. While irritation right after a particularly vigorous flossing session is normal on occasion, chronically irritated and inflamed gums indicate a deeper issue. The inflammation arises as gum tissues react to plaque and bacteria buildup around your teeth due to inadequate cleaning. Catching gingivitis early makes professional treatment much quicker and easier.

Persistent Bad Breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, has an array of potential causes, including certain foods or drinks and some medical conditions. However, when you have noticeable bad breath every day despite careful oral hygiene, gum disease is often the culprit.

As inflammation progresses unchecked, it creates the kinds of bacteria and other microbes that release malodorous sulfur compounds and cause bad breath. Don’t simply mask bad breath at this stage — see your dentist right away for a diagnosis.

Shifting or Loosening Teeth

In advanced gum disease, inflammation begins to damage the gums and the deeper supporting structures of the teeth, like bone and ligaments. Destruction of these anchoring tissues can make teeth feel loose or look like they are shifting out of position.

You may notice changes to your bite alignment and discomfort or sensitivity from irregular teeth contact. It’s crucial to receive treatment immediately if you notice loose or moving teeth. At this stage, gum disease risks permanent tooth loss if left untreated due to the loss of stabilizing bone.

Top-Tier Periodontal Care in Golden, CO

While daily home care is the first line of defense for preventing issues, it’s not the only step if you develop signs of gum disease.

Pay attention to the key symptoms outlined here, so you know when to seek professional help. It’s often possible to reverse gum disease progression and restore health if caught early.

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