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Dental Advancement Means A Lot for Your Smile

Holistic Dentistry Golden CODentistry has been in a continual state of evolution for many centuries. Back before there were any formal guidelines or real understanding about oral health and how to maintain it, it was not uncommon to believe that teeth were degraded by “worms.” Perhaps that’s not too far off from the reality of oral bacteria weakening enamel and causing cavities. However slow the initial progression of dentistry may have been (extending from 5000 BC to the 1700s!), we are where we are now and, we must say, we’re so happy to be here.

The dental care that is performed today enlists the help of innovative technologies that have taken decades to develop. These include:

Holistic Dental Approaches

In our Golden, CO office, we prioritize a holistic approach to prevention and correction. What this means is that we look at the way oral disease affects the whole body, and we also consider how dental treatments will do the same. Our commitment to long-term oral health leads us to conduct care in a way that observes teeth, the gums, the jaw, and the body. Every piece fits into another. Therefore, when we perform restorative care, we use durable, non-toxic materials and techniques that support optimal bite alignment.

Braces-free Braces

Back in the early days of dentistry, who could have imagined that we would reach a time when we could straighten teeth at all, let alone do so without braces. Patients who are interested in correcting an overbite or underbite are just as likely to benefit from the Invisalign aligner method as those who wish to address orthodontic relapse. The development of Invisalign has changed the way we straighten teeth, providing teens and adults a reliable system that does not cramp their style.

Dental Implants

The development of tiny titanium posts to be used as artificial roots has been one of the most significant advances in dentistry. This treatment reinstates the foundation on which efficient chewing relies. The stabilization that is created by dental implants supports even full-arch implants with ease, allowing people who are missing most or all of their teeth to feel comfortable and confident.

We enjoy providing professional dental care in a friendly environment. To schedule your visit, contact us online or call (303) 277-9600.

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