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How do dental implants feel like natural teeth?

If you have experienced significant tooth decay or damage to a tooth, you may be left behind with a gap in your smile after having a tooth lost or extracted. Patients in the area of Golden, CO who are in a situation where tooth replacement is needed will want to book an appointment with a… Read More »

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What puts a patient at risk of periodontitis?

Periodontitis, or gum disease, is a condition that can significantly affect a patient’s oral health and wellness. This infection develops in the soft tissues, and as bacteria multiples, can result in a variety of issues. In addition, it can lead to the loss of gum tissue, jawbone, and even natural adult teeth. While proper oral… Read More »

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How composite fillings can improve self-confidence and the beauty of the smile

Over the years, many dentists who treated cavities would use a material known as silver amalgam. These fillings were considered effective in addressing areas of decay, but were extremely unsightly and did nothing to help patients feel confident when smiling with others. Additionally, studies continue to show that silver amalgam fillings are responsible for mercury… Read More »

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What is considered aesthetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is, in a nutshell, any dental procedure that is performed to improve the appearance of the smile. At Golden Dental Solutions, we are pleased to offer not only cosmetic solutions for improving the look of the teeth, but general, preventive, and restorative dentistry as well. If you are thinking about undergoing treatments to… Read More »

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How does stress impact your smile?

It’s understood that high levels of stress can impact one’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing. But were you aware that high levels of stress can also be bad for your smile? Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi of Golden Dental Solutions in Golden, Colorado believe that patients need to be aware of… Read More »

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Frequently asked questions about root canal therapy

One of the most feared procedures in dentistry continues to be the root canal. However, the media has it all wrong! This procedure is not painful. In fact, dentists only perform this procedure when the patient is properly anesthetized and sedated. Also, severe pain is what brings patients into the office for relief, and root… Read More »

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Options for tooth restoration after tooth loss or extraction

While it would be great to naturally have a beautiful smile free from defects, this isn’t always the case. And even if you do, a lot can happen in a lifetime that can impact its appearance and function. Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi of Golden Dental Solutions in Golden, Colorado understand that… Read More »

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How to keep your gums healthy

What does having a healthy smile mean to you? Does it mean having a beautiful smile that is bright and vibrant? Does it mean having fresh breath? Does it mean keeping the smile free from periodontal disease and tooth decay? No matter what you associate with having a healthy smile, it comes down to taking… Read More »

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Are dental x-rays safe?

At Golden Dental Solutions, patients in and around the Golden, CO community who have questions about their oral health may also have concerns about the use of dental x-rays. It is not new information that x-rays emit radiation in order to create the images professionals need to view structures inside of the body. Our team… Read More »


Dental bridges for tooth replacement

Finding a solution that meets your needs after tooth loss can seem overwhelming. There are many ways to replace missing teeth, so which one should you choose? Which tooth replacement option is best for your smile? Which ones are affordable? Which ones are fixed and which ones are removable? At Golden Dental Solutions, we understand… Read More »

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