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Explore Your Options for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea treatment Sleep apnea is a sleep-breathing disorder that involves waking up multiple times a night from a blockage in the airway and interrupting breathing. Several factors can contribute to sleep apnea, such as obesity, smoking, genetics, and more. After you have been officially diagnosed, it’s important to explore your options for sleep apnea treatment in Golden, CO.

What Sleep Apnea Treatment Options Are Available?

There are a few different options for sleep apnea treatment depending on your unique situation and what may be the cause. These include:

Lifestyle Changes

If you have been experiencing sleep apnea due to an unhealthy lifestyle or bad habit, your doctor may recommend making some lifestyle changes. This could include losing weight by beginning regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. Or, you may have to reduce your consumption of alcohol or quit smoking if one of those is the cause.


Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is a pressurized mask you wear over the nose that continuously pumps air into the airway to keep it open while you sleep.

Oral Appliances

If you are uncomfortable with or have trouble sleeping when using CPAP, oral appliances are also available. Oral appliances can keep the airways open by bringing the jaw forward. They can be customized to your unique needs to achieve results while keeping you comfortable.

Golden Dental Solution offers the MicrO2™ device to bring the jaw forward and keep the airway open despite the relaxed muscles.

Sleep Apnea Procedures

There are also procedures available to help restructure the airways and allow airflow. Surgical procedures may only be performed if the previous nonsurgical options fail to improve breathing throughout the night.

Choosing the Right Option for You

When deciding on the right sleep apnea treatment for you, it’s best to discuss all your options with your doctor. They will be able to let you know your options and work with you to decide what treatment option you prefer as well as what will be most effective.

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Golden Dental Solutions offers plenty of options if you’re looking for professional sleep apnea treatment in Golden, CO. When you visit Golden Dental Solutions, you will be welcomed by a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere where you can feel at ease during treatment. With three excellent and experienced dentists, you can rest assured you will receive high-quality care. Contact their office today at 303-277-9600 or submit a contact form.

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