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BOTOX® for TMJ: Everything You Need to Know

Temporomandibular,Joint,(tmj,,Joint,Of,The,Lower,Jaw),And,TheYou probably know BOTOX® as a cosmetic treatment, but it may have other medical uses. If you suffer from TMJ pain, BOTOX injections might be able to help.


The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a hinged joint that connects your jawbone to the base of your skull. But the name TMJ is also commonly used as a catch-all for temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) that affect this region.

There are over 30 different TMDs. While they have different causes and outcomes, they’re generally associated with pain, stiffness, headaches, and similar symptoms. Your jaw may pop when you open and close your mouth. You may also develop hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in your ears), dizziness, or changes in your dental alignment.

BOTOX for TMJ Treatment

BOTOX is an alternative treatment that may help relieve some TMD symptoms. Some TMD sufferers who receive Botox treatments report less stiffness and pain. These effects usually only last for about three months.

As an FDA-approved neurotoxin protein, BOTOX has undergone rigorous clinical trials to ensure its safety. However, when used to treat TMJ, it is done off-label. Additional research and testing are needed for BOTOX to become FDA-approved for TMJ. It is essential to consider certain risks, such as potential bone loss from the injection’s temporary muscle paralysis.

BOTOX injections usually take under half an hour to administer. Your dentist may offer you topical pain relief, such as numbing cream or a cold pack, beforehand.

Does Botox Work for TMJ?

BOTOX can’t cure TMDs. All it does is treat the symptoms. It’s known to act quickly, but you’ll need to be careful following your injections.

Risks may include headaches, respiratory illnesses or infections, nausea, and temporary drooping eyelids. Some BOTOX recipients also experience muscle weakness or localized redness and bruising.

You might benefit from lifestyle changes or starting a physical therapy program with targeted stretching before injections. You should also ask your dentist about dental appliances like mouthguards, which have minimal side effect risks.

The good news is that by working with a skilled dentist, you can find the right TMJ treatment for you. This may include BOTOX that, when injected by an expert, carries a low risk of side effects.

Find out More About Botox for TMJ at Golden Dental Solutions

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