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Why Might Dental Extractions Be Needed?

Woman in a dental office having a seat in a medical chairRemoving a tooth is a standard procedure performed at Golden Dental Solutions of Golden, CO. However, it is not always necessary. Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi encourage you to visit their office to determine if this or other dental solutions are needed for your smile!

What Are the Two Types of Dental Extractions?

The team at Golden Dental Solutions offers two methods of extraction, including a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. A simple extraction is a procedure that involves using forceps to remove the tooth from its socket in the jaw. This type of extraction is typically used for teeth that are fully erupted and can be accessed easily, such as wisdom teeth, baby teeth, or molars.

A surgical extraction, on the other hand, is more invasive and requires special tools and a longer healing time. During this procedure, your dentist makes an incision in the gum tissue above the tooth to expose the underlying bone, where they will then remove all of the tooth’s roots. Because this type of extraction involves breaking through soft tissue and cutting into hard bone, it usually takes longer to heal than a simple extraction.

Why Might Dental Extractions Be Needed?

There are many situations in which dental extractions may be needed:

  • Decay and infection. One of the most common reasons is when a tooth has become severely infected or decayed, making it impossible to repair with fillings or other restorative treatments. In these cases, removing the tooth is often necessary to prevent further damage to surrounding teeth and tissues and to restore oral health.
  • Insufficient space. Another reason that extractions might be needed is when there is insufficient room in the jaw for all of your teeth, resulting in crowding or other alignment issues that can make it difficult to brush and floss effectively.
  • Movement. Some people experience orthodontic issues where their teeth need to be moved into a different position, in which case an extraction may sometimes be necessary as part of the treatment process.

Find Out More About Dental Extractions

Whatever your specific situation, if you are considering dental extractions as a treatment option, speak with the dentists at Golden Dental Solutions to discuss all of your available options and determine whether this procedure is truly necessary for you. Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi of Golden, CO, can assist in educating you on this and other procedures available. Call 303-277-9600 to schedule a consultation.

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