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Can BOTOXⓇ Help a Gummy Smile?

BOTOX treatmentSmiles are things of beauty and should be shown off every chance you can get. However, sometimes due to various causes, a gummy smile can get in the way of someone feeling confident about their smile. While a ‘gummy smile’ is entirely natural and causes no harm, some may feel embarrassed during photos or close-up conversations. Let’s take a look at the causes of a gummy smile and how BOTOXtreatment can help you flash your most confident self.

What Causes a ‘Gummy Smile?’

A gummy smile has a more technical name and is known as an excessive gingival display. This is caused primarily by two different factors. Firstly, the facial muscles in your upper lip may be overactive. Overactive facial muscles lead to strain and tension that pulls the upper lip higher up than normal when smiling. This displays more gum tissue than the average person and leads to what is considered a gummy smile. Secondly, excessive gum tissue could already exist. Existing gum tissue may just be covering up more of the tooth than the average person, leading to a gummy smile.

How BOTOX Can Help

Both of the primary causes of a gummy smile can be helped by BOTOX treatment to the muscles around the upper lip. BOTOX is carefully administered to key muscles that could be overactive or just show too much existing gum tissue. The muscles become relaxed from the BOTOX and remain in a resting state. This allows you to still have a full smile without engaging certain muscles that normally would show off too much gum tissue. So whether your facial muscles are overworking or you just have a lot of gums to show, BOTOX could be for you.

Trusting a Dentist For Your Smile

Your smile deserves the best care it can receive, and you deserve proper care for your gummy smile. That’s why at Golden Dental Solutions, we provide professional dental services that include BOTOX as an option for your cosmetic needs. BOTOX is an invaluable tool to relax a muscle to achieve a certain desired look. Our staff ensures a smooth, professional, efficient, and caring experience for all of your dental needs. So if you’re ready to ditch the gummy smile, then contact Golden Dental Solutions at 303-277-9600 today.

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