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Understanding How BOTOXⓇ Can Help Your TMJ

BOTOX for TMJIt may have just started out with some aches and pains. Perhaps just a sore morning or two. Unfortunately, though, TMJ can be a chronic condition that seems to refuse to go away. The inflammation of your temporomandibular joint can be debilitating, and you may have tried various solutions.

Relaxing, anti-inflammatory medications, massages, and even mouth guards are all legitimate and helpful ways to manage and treat TMJ. However, have you ever considered BOTOXⓇ for TMJ? Let’s take a closer look at what that looks like so you can talk to your dentist and see if it’s right for you.

How Can BOTOX Help?

BOTOX is commonly known for its cosmetic use in reducing things like wrinkles or fine lines. However, there are lesser-known functional and medical uses for BOTOX as well. BOTOX essentially works as a targeted muscle relaxant and paralyzer. While traditional muscle relaxants target most of the body, BOTOX can be directly injected into a specific muscle.

This is great for TMJ because it is well-known that many negative effects of TMJ are caused by overactive and strained muscles around your jaw joint. BOTOX acts as a targeted muscle relaxant for those affected muscles and takes the pressure off your temporomandibular joint.

BOTOX can be used as a short-term solution while underlying causes are being solved in people with chronic TMJ, or it could be a one-treatment fix for people who are suffering from non-chronic TMJ.

Getting Treatment

Unfortunately, TMJ is a complex issue that has various root causes. However, BOTOX is another tool in a professional’s toolbelt that can get you closer to a pain-free life. It’s important to work with a dental practice that has a wide amount of tools available to get you back on track. Our team at Golden Dental Solutions has just that.

We understand the value of not just caring for you and your needs but having the best information and tools available to provide you with the best experience possible. So if you’re struggling with TMJ, contact Golden Dental Solutions at 303-277-9600 so we can start a treatment plan for you.

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