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Causes of Dental Injuries

Diagnostic Exams | Teeth Cleaning Golden COWe tend to go about most of our days without giving much thought to our teeth, other than how they look. Brushing is often more of an aesthetics issue than a health issue. When a tooth chips or breaks, our reaction is usually one of great surprise and frustration. Our teeth are supposed to be strong and resilient through the many years of our life! Why might we be disappointed by their lack of performance?

There are a few prominent reasons why a tooth or teeth may be damaged. We hope that, by discussing what those are, we may empower our patients to avoid unnecessary pain and frustration.

Bacterial Overload

We know through years of research that bacteria naturally reside in the body. One of the most talked-about places where bacteria live is the mouth. The topic of oral bacteria, though, is usually associated with gum disease. It is true that gum disease is the result of unmanaged oral bacteria. At the same time, we cannot overlook the role that these microorganisms play in injuries to teeth. There will always be bacteria in the mouth. The best thing we can do is know this, and create habits to protect teeth and gums. It’s simple enough: brush morning and night. Don’t just brush; pay close attention to the surfaces that are touched, and for the duration of brushing (two minutes!). After one of the brushing sessions, morning or night, floss. Just those few minutes a day go a long way in mitigating injury risk.

Stress Overload

You may have heard of accidents such as breaking a tooth on a kernel of popcorn, or when chewing a hard object. The same thing can happen when teeth are forced against opposing teeth. The force exerted by the jaw equates to hundreds of pounds. When we clench the jaw, even without grinding teeth together, this force is enough to cause injury. Chips, fractures, or full breaks may all occur as a result of bruxism, which is related to stress. Techniques for stress management can help, as can a visit to your dentist. Night guards are custom-fit pieces that are inserted before sleep to blunt the effects of clenching and grinding.

Routine dental care builds trust between you and your dentist and helps you better understand how to protect yourself from dental injuries. Speak with a member of our staff at (303) 277-9600 to schedule your visit.


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