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Take a Healthy Smile along on that Vacation

Diagnostic Exams & Teeth Cleaning Golden , COSummertime fun is getting into full swing around here, and across the country. Families are taking to the highway, heading for the hills, camping out under the stars, or maybe seeing them on Hollywood Boulevard. Whatever your summer plans, it is possible to come face to face with the unexpected now and then. Some of those unexpected details of a fun summer trip could affect your smile. Here, we want to point out a few easy ways that you can manage your smile, no matter how far from home you may be.

Choose wisely

Food choices can feel incredibly limited when you’re in a new city or on a long trek. Airports, gas stations, fast food restaurants; these are all cornerstones of the average road trip. They are also places filled to the brim with processed foods that can leave you wanting. It may take a bit of planning, but it’s possible to bypass the unhealthy snacks and feed your smile. Pack a cooler with apples, celery, pears, broccoli, and other fresh, crunchy foods that will gently abrade teeth to minimize plaque buildup.

Drink it down

Yes, we mean water. Research points out that improved saliva flow is one of the many benefits of sipping water every hour or so. If and when you do choose another beverage, wash it down with water, swishing the liquid over teeth to dilute sugar and acid residue that degrades enamel.

Pack the extras

When packing for a trip away from home, most people consider their oral care products as a final destination kind of thing. If you’ve ever had a day-long road trip or hours-long flight, you know that your mouth could use a touch-up at some point. This is the worst time to be unprepared, so don’t be. Gather a kit that contains a travel-sized toothbrush, a roll of floss or a flossing tool, and a travel bottle of mouthwash, preferably one with antibacterial properties. Trust us; you will be so thankful you have this stash of mouth-freshening tools!

Take it all in

We go on vacation so we can take some time to relax, to stop and smell those roses everyone talks about. However, most vacations inevitably offer up frustration or two. Maybe it’s car-wide crankiness when the hours get long or a delayed flight. Remember to look at the bright side and shun the effects of stress, such as clenching your jaw. This habit may not only damage teeth, but it also stresses important joint structures.

While you’re planning all that summer fun, also remember to schedule that routine cleaning and checkup with us!



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