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Did you Know This about Invisalign?

Invisalign Golden , COFor several years, the methodology behind straightening crooked, crowded teeth has been shifting. We have gone from one choice, braces, to several choices. The development of systems such as Invisalign has made the idea of alignment-correction much more palatable for a wider audience. Teens and adults who have heard about Invisalign may be drawn to this method for reasons such as not having to wear braces and not having to give up their favorite foods. Cheers to that! But wait, there’s more!

It’s true that Invisalign does offer advantages over braces. However, there are important details that patients should know.

  1. Consistency is key. One of the benefits of bracket-and-wire braces is that they are always working. Invisalign aligners are always working, too, as long as they are in place. The downside to this method is the temptation to remove aligners more often than is advised. Commitment is necessary to remove straightening trays only for meals and for oral care.
  2. There may be the reason to want to remove aligners. Aside from eating and caring for teeth, there may be a temptation to remove aligners to avoid discomfort. Yes, Invisalign can be slightly uncomfortable, especially when a new set of aligners are worn. The comfort level of Invisalign is an improvement from braces because there are no sharp appendages adhered to teeth. The fact remains, though, that teeth are moving, and that may feel slightly odd.
  3. Brushing can’t be skipped. Throughout the course of Invisalign treatment, teeth are covered. Coverage is more so than it is with braces, which presents an increased risk for plaque buildup. That is if oral hygiene is not a top priority. It isn’t enough to quickly brush in the morning and evening; full attention to cleaning every side of every tooth is necessary, as is flossing.
  4. Invisalign is phase one only. Treating misalignment with Invisalign is not much different than braces regarding principle; once teeth are moved into proper position, they will naturally want to relapse. A retainer is a necessary follow-up to treatment to prevent unwanted movement.

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