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The Cavity Causing Tooth Pain may not be What You Think It Is

Diagnostic Exams & Teeth Cleaning Golden, COWhen tooth pain strikes, it is only natural for the mind to draw a clear conclusion: a cavity is behind such discomfort. This may be true, and yet not be what you’re thinking. Here, in the midst of cold and flu season, we want to discuss a hidden cause of tooth pain that may surprise you.

The anatomy of the face is at play here, with the maxillary sinus sitting directly next to the upper part of the mouth. This situation places the roots of the upper molars within a hair – quite literally – of the sinus cavity. Furthermore, some or all of the nerves and blood vessels that feed these teeth may span across the sinus, essentially sharing sensations that occur in either area. This sharing could mean that, if the maxillary sinus becomes congested and inflamed during a bout with the flu (or allergies!), an aching sensation occurs in the mouth.

How Can You Tell?

It is important to have tooth pain evaluated by your dentist any time the potential cause is in question. Even if you believe you may have a sinus-related toothache, pain that lasts more than a week should be examined in the dental office. Better to know for sure that it is a nasty cold, and not a true cavity, that is at the heart of your discomfort.

A sinus-related toothache does have a certain presentation that makes it recognizable. The first is that it occurs alongside sinus congestion. If you don’t have allergies or a cold, your tooth pain is probably related to the type of cavity you need to have repaired. Another characteristic of a sinus toothache is that pain intensifies when you move your head; an elevation change like bending over or going from sitting to lying down. Pain related to the sinuses should also improve once congestion and inflammation in that area subside.

A toothache is nothing to overlook. Your dentist in Golden, CO can examine tooth pain to confirm or rule out potential causes. To schedule a visit with our friendly team, call (303) 277-9600.

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