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This is How Implants Differ from Dentures

Dental Implants Golden , COBy and large, complete tooth loss is something we are now more capable than ever of preventing. Modern society has a much better understanding of oral hygiene than existed just 100 years ago. We also have expanded formal practices for supporting oral health, ranging from routine exams and cleanings to restorative dental treatments like fillings and crowns. Above all, it is the awareness of each person that makes a positive impact on the prevalence of oral disease throughout the world. Advances in dentistry have also made it possible to address all extents of tooth loss.

What does successful tooth replacement look like?

Tooth replacement sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Treatment for failing teeth is straightforward when we are discussing dentures. This is because dentures only replace tooth structure. There is more on the table, though, if we want full success. When we add dental implants into the mix, we gain numerous benefits.

  • To endure means to last. We expect natural teeth to do this, but injury or oral disease may get in the way of our expectations. When natural teeth are replaced with dentures, we cannot expect the same degree of permanence that was possible with natural teeth, nor with dental implants. These tiny posts make a world of difference in the area of longevity because they fuse with bone tissue. In so doing, they set the stage for many decades of stability.
  • We need more than the presence of teeth for our smile to be truly valuable to our well-being. Teeth make the smile attractive, and they are also functional. To replace teeth with an unstable fixture like a traditional denture typically means that adjustments will be needed on a regular basis. To replace teeth and their roots with dental implants mean that stability is granted. Eat what you wish and know that your teeth will stay put.
  • Dental care is a chore for a lot of folks. To have teeth replaced but have to spend extra time in maintenance, or take extra precautions, can feel restrictive. For instance, having to clean dentures over a towel to minimize the risk of breaking if dropped. Most patients who restore natural form with dental implants can enjoy years of function and beauty with daily brushing and routine dental visits.

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