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Dental Implants Cost: It May Not Be What You Think

Dental Implants Denver COAnything that costs money could be perceived as an investment. Some of the things we invest in provide us with an apparent and immediate reward. That shiny new car is a prime example. A new tooth is also a sound investment; it just may not be a cost that feels as good. Here’s why we think it can.

The End-Goal

When a tooth or teeth are no longer in their prime, we see several disadvantages develop. The first disadvantage may be pain. The second may be the loss of confidence that stems from an obvious dental problem such as the buildup of calcified plaque around teeth, or the persistent bad breath that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much you brush.

Historically, dentistry has honed in on the dental problem. When the problem was a missing tooth, the solution has been to put a new tooth in its place. This is the mindset that facilitated the development of dentures and dental bridges. As we have seen from experience, we needed to go above and beyond this mindset. A new way of thinking was necessary, and it emerged, represented by the advancement of dental implants.

The Lifelong Value of Dental Implants

The cost of dental care is something that usually takes center-stage. Understandably, any care that is provided has to be calculated based on materials and the amount of time involved in treatment. Additionally, it is also advantageous to consider how long the results of any particular treatment will last. When the objective is to replace teeth, we can see a clear benefit offered by dental implants.

Tooth replacement options are relatively limited: we’ve got dentures, bridges, and dental implants. The first two treatment options have been widely utilized for several decades. We know their track record. These restorative fixtures typically last about 15 years. They may last as few as five to eight years. During the years a denture is in place, several fittings may be required to reline the appliance so it fits against the gums. Every adjustment is an additional cost.

Dental implants have been widely studied through their rather short time in existence, and the outcome of treatment is apparent: dental implants last. The surgical-grade titanium posts that are inserted into the jawbone can last decades longer than the average denture or bridge. This is because dental implants become encased in natural bone tissue, where they are secured just like natural roots would be.

Ultimately, tooth replacement isn’t about putting teeth back where they belong; it is about restoring the highest degree of chewing and speaking function. The cost of dental implants, then, comes down to how much quality of life is restored.

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