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Porcelain Veneers: Do You Know the Truth?

Veneers Denver COWhen asked about their smile, most people express a desire to change at least one characteristic. It may be that snaggle-tooth that just doesn’t seem to complement a professional image. For some people, it’s persistent stains that cause them to hide their smile. In recent years, the value of cosmetic dentistry has become more widely known, and more people have addressed their aesthetic concerns with porcelain veneer treatment.

We turn to porcelain veneers quite a bit in our Golden, CO dental office. Men and women who inquire about this cosmetic process often know that veneers can make a crooked tooth appear straight and that they can give the entire smile an overall beauty boost. It turns out, though, there are still some critical points of treatment that aren’t understood. Here, we discuss the truth about porcelain veneers so you don’t hold yourself back from a treatment that could change the way you feel about your appearance.

  • Veneer treatment does not require extensive tooth reduction. Some people feel apprehensive about getting veneers because they have heard that their teeth will be “filed down.” The truth is, we do have to reduce surface enamel. Reduction allows veneers to sit against the gums without a ridge that could collect debris (and look unnatural). The amount of enamel that is removed is only about as thick as a fingernail.
  • Veneer treatment is not just for the top front teeth. Veneers can be affixed to the premolars and also to the teeth at the front of the lower arch.
  • Veneers do require at least two visits. There is no reason to rush treatment when the results of our design will last for several years. Veneer treatment is something we want to conduct very carefully. First, we discuss the desired outcome, then we reduce teeth and take impressions, then we place temporary veneers, then the final veneers are tried on and closely observed to make sure they meet our expectations. Only when they have received your approval will veneers be bonded to teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers look very natural and can be made in the shade of white that best suits your needs and complexion. Veneers don’t have to be ultra-white nor do they have to be “cookie-cutter” in any way. We make them to bring out the best in your smile.

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