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Home remedies and treatment for bad breath

Bad Breath | Golden Dentistry | Golden, CO Patients who struggle with bad breath may be experiencing this problem due to poor oral health. It may also be a side effect of certain medications, or a consequence of experiencing dry mouth. Regardless of how the problem exists, patients in Golden, CO may be able to benefit from home remedies for the treatment of mild bad breath, or “halitosis.” Below are a few common remedies that patients can consider to address bad breath in the comfort of their own home!

• Brush the teeth and gums after every meal. Use a toothpaste that includes fluoride at least twice a day, especially after eating meals. This can give patients a minty-fresh scent to their breath while maintaining their oral health and wellness.

• Floss at least once a day. By flossing, patients can remove food particles that may become trapped between the teeth and in the crevices of the molars.

• Brush the tongue. In addition to brushing the teeth and gums, patients should also brush their tongue. This is because the tongue can harbor bacteria that can cause bad breath. This is especially true for patients who have dry mouth or who smoke. Patients can use a toothbrush or invest in a tongue scraper to use as well.

• Keep dental appliances clean. Patients who wear removable appliances in their mouth, such as partial dentures or retainers, will want to keep these appliances clean. These appliances might be soaked in a special solution or brushed with the product each day to remove food particles that can become trapped, as well as treat bacteria that might be present.

• Stay hydrated. Patients who have dry mouth due to medications or a medical condition will want to stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day. Patients may also want to chew sugar-free gum or candy to stimulate the production of saliva while freshening breath.

• Visit the dentist regularly. Patients should always schedule dental visits six months apart to partake in a thorough dental cleaning with a dental hygienist and to diagnose any possible problems that could develop early enough for successful intervention. If you are struggling with bad breath, this is the perfect time to discuss your concerns with Dr. Nancy Gill.

Learn more about halitosis and how it can be treated with the help of a dentist

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