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How does my diet and nutritional choices impact my smile?

oral health | Nancy gill | Golden, CO Your body is complex, and there are many factors that can impact one’s overall health and wellness. Additionally, one’s oral health may be impacted by a patient’s dietary choices. Oral health and wellness start with a proper diet and nutritionally-sound meals and snacks.

What is the link between diet and oral health?

There are many ways in which one’s food intake can impact oral health. Here are some tips for consideration when trying to improve oral health with positive dietary changes:

• Drink plenty of water. Drinking water flushes away food particles and bacteria between brushing and flossing. It can also keep the mouth from getting dry, which can contribute to dry mouth and cause halitosis (bad breath). Water is also important for your body and can assist in appetite control. Water should not have products added to it that increase sugar levels, as this can be bad for your teeth.

• Eat a properly balanced diet every day. Pay close attention to your dietary needs and plan your meals accordingly. Maintain a variety of foods in your diet, including those from the five major food groups. Consider whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetables, and lean sources of protein such as chicken and beans.

• Limit snacking. While nutritional snacking such as carrots or apples between meals is okay, snacking on high sugar products such as chips and cookies should be avoided. Snacks should be healthy and readily available to encourage good snacking habits when hunger strikes. Sugary snacks and candies can damage the natural tooth enamel by creating acids that can cause cavities.

• Brush your teeth after every meal. Whether you just enjoyed lunch or a healthy snack, be sure to brush the teeth after eating or at least twice a day. This can remove acids and sugars from the teeth and keep the breath smelling great. Additionally, flossing after meals can remove food particles that often become trapped between the teeth and can contribute to periodontal disease or cavities.

Contact Dr. Nancy Gill of Golden, Colorado to learn more about diet and dental health

If you are considering changes to your nutritional choices to improve your oral health, contact Dr. Nancy Gill and her team at Golden Dental Solutions today to book an appointment. Her facility is located at 1218 Arapahoe Street and can be reached by calling (303) 277-9600.

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