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The truth about composite resin bonding

iStock-1215914089-1-1Cosmetic dentistry has changed a lot over the years, and many of the materials used provide aesthetic improvements for the smile. In the past, dental work used to look like, well, dental work. Now, with a focus on aesthetic appearance, many of the materials used to restore the smile are difficult to discern from natural teeth. Dental bonding is just one of many materials that the team at Golden Dental Solutions use to restore the smile. 

What is dental bonding? 

Dental bonding is best described by our dental team as a cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of the smile. The material is a resin liquid that is applied onto the tooth, cured with a specialized light, and filed and polished to look like natural tooth enamel. This material is often recommended for patients who need to disguise a gap between their front teeth or repair a chipped or broken tooth. 

Interesting facts and benefits of dental bonding 

Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi of Golden Dental Solutions encourages patients to learn more about this readily available material. Dental bonding is: 

  • Customizable
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Versatile
  • Reversible
  • Fast and performed in one visit
  • Affordable
  • Best for preserving natural tooth structure

Patients who are interested in restoration such as porcelain veneers may instead opt for dental bonding as it can be removed and replaced with veneers in the future. It’s affordability and quick placement makes it the ideal solution for minor imperfections or damage of the smile. 

Do you have questions or concerns about dental bonding? 

Patients located in or around the area of Golden, Colorado who have questions about composite resin bonding or want to find out if they are an appropriate candidate for treatment are welcome to book a consultation appointment with our team of professionals at Golden Dental Solutions. Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi are here to provide quality dental care for new and existing patients at their practice, conveniently located at 1218 Arapahoe Street. Patients can call (303) 277-9600 to request a consultation visit and initial evaluation to discuss the advantages of dental bonding. 

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