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How to maintain teeth whitening results

iStock-481071397-1Patients seeking a whiter, brighter smile often turn to the oral healthcare aisle of their local drugstore to peruse the over-the-counter whitening products available to them. However, not all of these provide the results patients desire. With professional-grade teeth whitening available at Golden Dental Solutions, patients can enhance their look quickly and easily. Our professionals provide not only whitening options, but ways to maintain these results. 

What whitening options are available? 

At Golden Dental Solutions, we are pleased to offer two methods of brightening the smile, including our fast in-office whitening and take-home whitening kits. Our in-office power bleaching allows patients to choose between Zoom! and KoR whitening, which allows patients to brighten their smile up to 10 shades lighter in approximately one hour. Another option is that of the in-home whitening treatments. These include custom whitening trays and strong, concentrated bleaching gel that are used together each day to gradually brighten the smile in the privacy of one’s own home. 

How can I keep my teeth white? 

Once patients have brightened their smile with our professional-grade whitening options, they often want to know how to maintain their new results in the long-term. Here are a few recommendations for keeping the smile beautiful after bleaching solutions: 

  • Consider touch-up treatments. Many patients will visit Golden Dental Solutions on a regular basis to have their whitening treatments done or to obtain more bleaching gel to use with their at-home trays.
  • Avoid foods and beverages known for staining teeth. This includes red wines, coffee, tea, dark berries, chocolate, and dark cola drinks. If you consume them, it is always a great idea to brush your teeth immediately afterwards.
  • Take care of your smile. Poor oral hygiene can contribute to the development of tartar and plaque build-up on the surfaces of the teeth, which discolors them.
  • Watch for enamel thinning. When the enamel of the teeth wear down, it can expose the dentin, which is the layer of tooth underneath the enamel. Dentin exposure can darken the teeth, so watch for signs of enamel thinning. It can be caused by aging, acidic foods, or wear from clenching and grinding.

Keep your smile beautiful with the help of Golden Dental Solutions 

Golden, CO area patients who are ready to maintain a beautiful, healthy-looking smile with professional teeth whitening treatment and proper oral health care can work with Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi. Call (303) 277-9600 to request a consultation visit with our staff, conveniently located at 1218 Arapahoe Street. We are always accepting new patients and families in the community seeking quality care.

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