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How to avoid teeth staining from red wines

iStock-523059664Red wine is a popular beverage amongst adults. Whether you’re relaxing at the dinner table with family or attending a special occasion, you might enjoy the red wine offered to you. Unfortunately, red wine is known to be damaging to the teeth, especially amongst those who enjoy their red wine regularly. The natural tooth enamel may be impacted by discoloration and cause the smile to look imperfect with brownish, gray, or purple tinges.

Why does red wine discolor the teeth?

Discoloration from regular red wine consumption is common. It occurs because red wine has natural dyes, tannin, and acids that can etch and stain the natural tooth enamel. Fortunately, there are ways for regular red wine drinkers to enjoy their beverage without having to deal with the after-effects. Below are a few ways for patients to reduce the risk of staining their teeth with red wine consumption:

  • Brush the teeth before drinking, as food particles left on the natural enamel can take on the color of red wine
  • Drink your red wine through a straw. Though this is not the traditional way to enjoy this alcoholic beverage, it can reduce staining. If you feel uncomfortable drinking wine through a straw, consider a red-wine based sangria which is often consumed in this manner.
  • Enjoy crunchy foods while drinking. Carrots, celery, and other crunchy vegetables enjoyed while drinking can help clean the teeth and reduce staining that often occurs with red wine.
  • Enjoy cheese. Cheese and wine are often paired together as they have a wonderful balance. Cheese consumption with wine consumption can also prevent stains, as their waxy coating fills porous tooth enamel to prevent stains. Harder cheese can wipe enamel clean.
  • Drink water with your wine. Sparkling water consumed between glasses of red wine can also wash away wine that may remain on the teeth and contribute to unwanted staining.

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