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How your oral health impacts your quality of life

iStock-1034931478Drs. Nancy Gill, Dallas Kenson, and Evelyn Qi of Golden Dental Solutions in Golden, Colorado are committed to sharing with patients information regarding their oral health and wellness. We routinely hear ways in which one’s oral health and wellness impacts their overall health, including the link between periodontal disease and conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Our team knows that what happens in your mouth directly affects the body.

However, there are other ways in which poor oral health and wellness can impact your overall quality of life. Below are just a few reasons why patients might consider a more proactive approach to their oral health:

  • Discomfort. Many patients who have dental conditions will also deal with discomfort. Unhealthy teeth that are impacted by gum disease or tooth decay may notice pain. Toothaches are a sign that something is wrong, and should be evaluated by a dental professional as soon as possible to find the source of the issue and to provide effective treatment.
  • Shame or embarrassment. Patients who are not regularly visiting their dentist and taking care of dental problems may experience shame and embarrassment. You may find that you avoid scheduling necessary dental appointments because of this shame, and for fear that severe problems exist. This, in turn, can lead patients to believe that their next dental visit will be an expensive one, even if they have dental insurance to turn to.
  • Poor self-esteem and confidence. When imperfections affect the appearance of the smile, it can cause patients to avoid social situations with ease. A healthy smile gives patients the confidence they need to smile, laugh, and talk to others more. These patients who address these imperfections will find that they no longer hide their smile behind their hands or avoid socializing with others due to their less-than-healthy smile.

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