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How can I prevent bad breath?

Bad Breath Patients who have bad breath may be extremely embarrassed by this unpleasant condition. However, Drs. Nancy Gill and Dallas Kenson of Golden, Colorado can help educate men and women on ways to reduce bad breath and improve self-confidence.

What can cause bad breath?

Before you can address bad breath, it is critical for patients to know where the condition originates. In most cases, the odor originates from the mouth. Bad breath can also be caused by:

  • Highly scented foods such as garlics, onions, and coffee
  • Food particles and bacteria on the tongue
  • Postnasal drip from allergies or colds
  • Poor oral habits, including ineffective brushing and flossing
  • Poor saliva flow and dry mouth
  • Other medical conditions such as acid reflux

Once you have determined the cause of bad breath, you can then address it effective. If bad breath is caused by poor oral health, it’s time to take the time to care for our smile. Drs. Nancy Gill and Dallas Kenson can educate patients on the best way to brush and floss the teeth to reduce bad breath. This includes brushing the tongue, which can contribute to bad breath.

Another way to combat bad breath is to utilize mouthwash in-between brushing and flossing. For bad breath caused by poor saliva flow, chewing sugar-free gum can help, while also masking odor. Drinking water and wash away bacteria and food particles that can contribute to halitosis as well.

What if bad breath is caused by periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, can also contribute to bad breath. However, the only way to treat periodontal disease is to work with a dentist who can provide periodontal care. Periodontal disease may be addressed with antibiotics or a thorough cleaning known as scaling and root planing. Once periodontal disease has developed, it cannot be cured, so proper maintenance of oral health is critical to keep the problem from becoming much more destructive to a healthy smile.

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