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How Can Smoking Cigarettes Impact My Smile?

Dental Treatment Golden COAt the practice of Dr. Nancy Gill in Golden, CO, patients often ask about ways in which they can keep their smile healthy and beautiful. Some patients may also have questions about how to brighten their smile if it appears stained or dull. Patients who smoke cigarettes are putting their smile at risk in a number of different ways, while also negatively impacting their overall health and wellness. Many patients ask our team how smoking cigarettes can impact their smile.

The effect smoking cigarettes can have on your oral health

  • Staining of the teeth. One common complaint about the smile that is brought up by patients is the discoloration of their teeth. Smoking cigarettes can leave a brown staining behind on the natural tooth enamel that is impossible to treat with brushing alone. Once patients stop smoking cigarettes, they can speak to their dentist about undergoing professional-grade teeth whitening services to bring the smile back to a beautiful shine.
  • Reduced oxygen in the bloodstream. Patients who smoke cigarettes also experience a lack of oxygen present in their bloodstream. This can cause certain conditions that exist to become practically impossible to treat or heal. The body needs oxygen to function at its best, so it is essential to maintain higher oxygen levels in the bloodstream—and for your lungs!
  • Faster progression of gum disease. Gum disease is an avoidable problem that can be easily developed in a smoker’s mouth. Additionally, once the condition has appeared, it can progress faster in smokers than non-smokers. This is incredibly concerning as the condition can be difficult for many patients to treat. It can also lead to tooth, bone, and soft tissue loss.

Seek recommendations to help stop smoking with Drs. Nancy Gill and Dallas Kenson

If you are considering dropping cigarettes and improving your overall health and wellness, call the team at the practice of Dr. Nancy Gill and learn more about smoking cessation solutions that work. Our team can be reached by calling (303) 277-9600 for scheduling an appointment and initial dental evaluation to act as a starting point for a healthier you!

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