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An Aging Smile Doesn’t have to be a Problem

Dental Exam Golden COThroughout history, solutions to aging have been continually sought. It isn’t that we humans don’t want to age; it’s that we want to do so with grace. What it means to age gracefully is different for everyone. Some people do so by establishing strategies for a younger-looking face and body. Some people age gracefully by staying active and physically fit. There are several tips for aging well. Here, we want to discuss some of the common age-related issues that may affect your ability to care for your smile the way you’d like.

Oral Care Tips for Older Adults

In the past 100 years alone, we have learned a great deal more about the mouth than we had previously known. This knowledge has paved the way for us to take better care of teeth and gums through daily habits like brushing and flossing. Dentistry, as well, has evolved in ways that help us detect problems earlier and treat them more successfully. One of the nuggets of data that is important to us is the changes that may affect oral care as we age. Examples include:

Dry Mouth

One of the concerns that older adults face more than twenty- to forty-somethings is dry mouth. There are a few underlying reasons that saliva flow may diminish. One is medication use, and another is the existence of a chronic health condition. Sometimes, dry mouth can be managed with lifestyle habits like sipping water all day or chewing sugar-free gum. Because dry mouth can make it difficult to prevent dental problems, it may also be necessary to talk with your doctor or dentist about additional strategies, such as switching medications.


When we talk about mobility in this instance, we are referring more to the movements of the hands. At some point, most adults begin to notice that their fingers are not as mobile and flexible as they once were. As for dexterity declines, tooth-brushing and flossing may become increasingly uncomfortable and difficult. To ensure oral health does not suffer, it is suggested that adults transition into the use of an electric toothbrush and flossing tools. Your dentist can recommend products known for efficiency and ease of use.

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