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Tooth Decay: Let’s Talk about this Pesky Problem!

Tooth Decay Golden CO | Cosmetic DentistryMost of us have had at least one run-in with tooth decay. Usually, cavities are a problem that we deal with during our early years. Once we reach adulthood, we expect that we will, for the most part at least, sail through those dental checkups with flying colors. Well, it’s always good to have hope! In fact, we want our patients to hope for the best, and we work with each person individually to address the hidden dangers that may make cavity-fighting a difficult task.

The Value of Daily Habits

We are sure that you recognize the importance of brushing your teeth every morning and evening, and that you know that flossing is the only way to clean the areas in between your teeth from debris and bacteria. These daily habits go a long way in building the basis of a  healthy smile. Still, some people continue to struggle with tooth decay.

Reasons for Tooth Decay

  • Every tooth has a unique shape. For your molars to be good at breaking down food, it is necessary for each chewing surface to have high spots and low spots. The pro is that you can chew up a piece of steak. The con is that debris can become trapped in the tiny, deep pit on the chewing surface of any molar, or of every molar! Dental sealants are worth consideration for any person who continually experiences cavities on back teeth.
  • The space in between each tooth must be cleaned daily. This can’t happen if two teeth are butted up too close, or one overlaps the other. Turned teeth, crowding, and overlapping offer hiding spaces for bacteria, which means plaque, which means cavities.
  • Chronic dryness. Dry mouth is not so uncommon, especially in older adults. Saliva is necessary for the remineralization of teeth, and also for the watering-down of sugar and acid in the mouth. There are several reasons why dry mouth may develop. Working with your dentist, you can create strategies to mitigate this condition.

The team in our Golden dental office takes a gentle approach to care. Call (303) 277-9600 to schedule a visit with a friendly, experienced dentist.

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