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What to Expect from Laser Gum Treatment

Gum Disease Golden CO | Periodontal DiseaseGum disease is one of the most prevalent problems addressed in the dental office. Because infection in the gums is a progressive problem, our preference is to treat the early signs of disease as quickly as possible. Without treatment, bacteria that cause infection in superficial gum tissue invade deeper spaces through periodontal pockets. The progression of bacteria can ultimately affect underlying ligaments and bone, creating a risk of tooth loss. In our Golden, CO office, we attempt to stop infection in its tracks with laser gum treatment.

Historically, the development of periodontal pockets has been addressed with deep cleaning protocols like scaling and root planing. This hygiene service is vital to the removal of plaque that has hardened on root surfaces. It also encourages gum tissue to reattach to teeth roots by smoothing their surface. Scaling and root planing are valuable services. So is traditional gum surgery, when needed. However, when possible, we prefer to treat mild to moderate gum disease using laser technology.

Laser Gum Treatment: What It is and What You Can Expect

Laser gum treatment is immediately beneficial because it is a non-surgical technique for removing infected tissue. The power of controlled laser light is substantial enough to quickly and selectively remove gingiva that has been damaged by bacteria. Conversely, it is gentle enough to be much more comfortable than traditional gum surgery. Patients do not require anesthetic to undergo laser treatment comfortably.

Laser gum treatment does not require the manual separation of gum tissue from roots and other structures. When laser light comes into contact with infected gums, the targeted tissue is vaporized immediately. Furthermore, blood vessels and nerve endings are sealed by the thermal energy in laser light. Therefore, there is minimal bleeding and discomfort during treatment. Finally, and very importantly, the bacteria that have accumulated in periodontal pockets are killed on the spot when targeted by laser light. Free of bacteria, the treated area can heal much more quickly and efficiently. Also, the absence of bacteria supports the regeneration of healthy tissue around teeth.

Your long-term oral health is our priority. To learn more about laser gum treatments, call our Golden office at (303) 277-9600.

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