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Is it Really This Easy to Get a Straight Smile?

Invisalign Golden COMost people natural recognize the value of having straight teeth. Studies have shown that even infants respond favorably to individuals with beautiful smiles. If you find yourself admiring others for the straightness of their teeth, and wish that you could have a straight smile, too, it’s time to look into Invisalign. We love working with patients of our Golden, CO office to get the smile they deserve.

Invisalign provides an excellent avenue to address cosmetic and functional concerns, so no one should count themselves out when it comes to exploring this treatment option. This is precisely what many people do, though. They become aware of the fact that their smile is not what they’d like it to be, and they wish for something different. Then, what often happens is an image of themselves wearing metal braces flashes through their mind. Instantaneously, the dream of having straight teeth vanishes. Don’t be that person. Be the person who explores the option of getting straight teeth without braces.

It Can’t Be This Easy! Or Can It?

We can see why so many people still imagine that they will need braces to straighten their teeth. Initially, Invisalign was assumed to be a cosmetic treatment; a process that might correct minor misalignment and only in the front of the mouth. Who would imagine that we would reach a point in dentistry where an overbite or underbite could be corrected with clear plastic aligners! Well, the fact is, we can.

Invisalign essentially uses aligners to exert the same pressure that would otherwise come from brackets and wires. The principles behind treatment are the same, but the protocol is different. And that makes all the difference in the process. Wearing aligners means your teeth will be repositioned with sustained force, but that you will be able to take care of your teeth without anything getting in the way. Wearing aligners means you will have to commit to several months of treatment, but those months won’t be spent feeling deprived of your favorite foods. It really is this easy.

If you like the sound of a straighter smile but don’t like the sound of braces, you have good reason to call our Golden, CO office to learn more about Invisalign. Schedule your visit at (303) 277-9600.

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