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4 Benefits of Working with a Holistic Dentist

iStock-937279156-1Drs. Nancy E. Gill and Dallas D. Kenson assist Golden, CO area patients with their oral health and wellness. In addition, they do so with a holistic approach. Holistic dentistry is a philosophy that the smile affects one’s overall health and wellness—and vice versa. With quality care and attention, our team can provide many benefits.

What are the benefits of a holistic dentist?

There are several advantages to working with a holistic dentist.

  • Safe, non-toxic ingredients. Instead of using materials such as silver amalgam fillings which have been found to be disruptive to the human body due to mercury content, our team encourages individuals to address areas of decay with composite resin fillings instead. This material is well-suited for filling cavities and is safe and appropriate for the body.
  • Non-invasive and conservative treatments. Maintaining as much of the natural smile as possible is always our goal. Our dental team talks with patients about the restorative options available to them and works with an individual to choose the best solution for their unique dental needs. In most cases, the solutions that cause the least amount of damage to natural tooth structures are chosen.
  • Treatment of periodontal disease. Our practice focuses on holistic procedures that can eliminate damage to the smile. Additionally, conditions such as periodontal disease can cause infection to run through the rest of the body and impact one’s overall health. By educating patients on proper oral health care and providing top-quality treatment for periodontal disease, patients can reduce or eliminate the chance of infection spreading throughout the body.
  • Neuromuscular knowledge. Conditions such as TMJ/TMD may impact a patient’s overall quality of life. These neuromuscular concerns need to be addressed to reduce pain and discomfort that can radiate further than just the mouth. With neuromuscular knowledge, our team can address these dysfunctions and provide harmony once again.

Focus on your whole health and not just your smile!

Connect with Drs. Nancy E. Gill and Dallas D. Kenson of Golden, CO today by calling (303) 277-9600 and visiting our practice for a consultation. We can discuss your personal goals for your smile and body and assist you in reaching them! Our practice is always accepting new patients interested in holistic dentistry.

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