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Why you Should See your Dentist for a Brighter Smile

teeth whiteningJust like the enamel on your teeth can be weakened by foods that you eat and beverages that you drink (only because these may feed oral bacteria), your routine may also be the root cause of discoloration over time. We do not say this to make you feel poorly about what you eat and drink. The fact of the matter is, even healthy foods like berries can create stains on teeth. There is a way, though, to brighten your smile without having to deprive yourself of your favorite treats.

Teeth whitening has been popular for long enough now that knock-off treatments and DIY methods have become mainstream. Actually, humans have been trying to get whiter teeth for centuries. Here are some of the reasons that you want to leave the teeth whitening to your dentist.

The Right Process for a White Smile

You get what you’re after. The whole point of going through the teeth whitening process is to have whiter teeth, right? So it makes sense to approach treatment with that in the very front of your mind. Doing so means that you will look for a quality process, one that will get the job done right the first time. Who better to turn to than your dentist? Drs. Gill and Kenson have access to the concentrated whitening products needed to transform your smile into a radiant work of art.

Whiten Teeth Fast

Results come quickly. Because teeth whitening in our Golden, CO office may be performed in a few ways, it is possible to achieve the results you want in as little as an hour. In-office whitening is the perfect solution for the busy person who doesn’t want to apply whitening gel in custom-fit trays for a week or longer. However, the home whitening option does remain one of our most popular!

Say So-Long to Stained Teeth

Tough stains need more action. The darker the stains on your teeth, the more power your whitening gel needs to have. Professional whitening solutions can be up to 35% concentrated peroxide. That’s power! More than just getting more effort into the stain-lifting process, professional care may reveal that your type of discoloration would actually be better treated with another cosmetic enhancement, porcelain veneers.

Bring your best smile to any party, any time of year. Call (303) 277-9600 to speak with us about teeth whitening.

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